Every tooth is important and has a job! Bridges can replace missing teeth and stop the natural teeth from shifting. Having a full set of teeth is important for eating and speaking. A dental bridge can be prepared and placed into your mouth in a relatively short amount of time so you can have a beautiful smile again.

A dental bridge is used to permanently replace missing teeth. Fixed bridges can only be removed by a dental professional because they are attached to neighboring teeth which provide the support needed. The adjacent teeth are either covered in a crown that is attached to the replacement tooth or the artificial tooth is bonded directly to the adjacent teeth. Bridges can be either permanently attached or removeable. Removeable bridges can be taken out to be cleaned.

A dental bridge can be of benefit in many ways. Appearance is an important and often cited reason to get a bridge to replace missing teeth. Bridges will also give your cheeks and lips the support they need and will prevent the teeth that are adjacent to missing teeth or gaps from sliding. A permanently placed bridge will not slip or rub your gums uncomfortably.

Bridges require the same amount of care as your natural teeth. However, with proper care and treatment, they will provide you great benefits and complete your smile again.

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