Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and give some support to the cheeks and lips. You may only need a partial denture to replace a few of your natural teeth or complete dentures to replace all of your natural teeth. Because of great advancements in technology, dentures look almost like the natural teeth and most people will not know anything different. Being able to have a natural look gives confidence in daily activities with others.

Partial dentures are used when only some of the teeth are missing or need to be replaced. The replacement teeth are attached to a plastic base then placed into the mouth. Without the partial denture, remaining natural teeth can shift into missing places.

Complete dentures are needed when all of a patient’s teeth are missing or need to be replaced because of decay, injury or some other issue.

Dentures normally need to be replaced every 15 years. Because of normal wear and the slow change in the jaw, you will still need regular dentist appointments to have your dentures and bone structure evaluated. With missing teeth, the bone structure of the jaw starts to dissolve thus causing dentures to need to be adjusted.

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