Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays can be used in the way a traditional filling or partial crown would be used. They strengthen and restore damaged teeth keeping further damage from happening. Inlays are used like a filling and placed on the cusp tips of a tooth. Onlays cover more of the tooth than inlays and are used when more reconstruction of the tooth is needed.

To apply an inlay or onlay takes two dentist appointments. At the first office visit, Dr. Burt will remove the damaged and decayed area. Preexisting fillings are removed if needed. Once the tooth is cleaned, an impression will be made of the tooth to be sent to a lab that will create the inlay or onlay. While you are waiting for your next appointment, you will have a temporary sealant placed in the tooth. Another appointment will be made in which the temporary sealant is removed, the inlay or onlay is checked for proper fit and then it is bonded to the tooth. Lastly the tooth and inlay or onlay will be polished to a shine.

Call South Shore Dentistry today to set up an appointment to discuss your options with inlays and onlays. Dr. Burt and his staff would love to help you restore the beautiful, bright smile you have been dreaming about!