Laser Gum Disease Treatment

South Shore Dentistry is proud to offer our patients the latest technology for treating gum disease. Laser treatment can be used to treat periodontal disease, to perform a frenectomy, perform an osseous surgery or for gum grafting. Diseased areas of the gums can be removed leaving only the healthy gums. This encourages the gums to regenerate and to attach to the teeth once again. Gum disease is less likely to return after having completed laser gum disease treatment. There are many advantages to the patient with this new technology available.

  • Comfort – Bleeding is reduced, swelling is minimal, there is no charring, and no noise or vibration is caused by a drill. Your stress and anxiety will be eliminated. Laser treatment is quick, effective and essentially pain-free. Postoperative sensitivity is limited because of use of lasers. Compared to traditional methods, recovery time is quicker because of the less invasive nature of laser treatments. In fact, your mouth will actually start healing immediately after the procedure.
  • Infection chance reduced – Because the laser’s light beam sterilizes the area of treatment, bacterial infections and relapses are reduced greatly.
  • Eliminated or limited anesthesia – Laser therapy is often completely painless, however, to provide the most comfort for you, Dr. Burt will provide anesthesia as needed.

Please call South Shore Dentistry and allow our staff to answer any questions you have regarding laser gum disease treatment. We can schedule an appointment to discuss your options as we work together to give you a healthy, beautiful smile!