Six Month Smiles

If you are embarrassed by your teeth or suffer from misalignment issues but don’t like the thought of having metal braces, we have a great solution for you. South Shore Dentistry offers a revolutionary process known as Six Months Smiles. This new technology can straighten the teeth in six months’ time. Clear braces and wires that are tooth colored are used to gently straighten the patient’s teeth in an average time of six months.

Six Month Smiles vs. Traditional Braces

Some of the advantages to using Six Month Smiles over traditional braces or other braces alternatives are:

  • Less costly than wire braces, aligner therapy or veneers
  • Consistent, predictable final results
  • Almost invisible with clear brackets and tooth colored wires
  • Short and comfortable appointments because of Patient Tray Kits™
  • Comfort, safety and hygiene improved because of short treatment times
  • Results are usually acquired in six months

In the past, when a person wanted straight teeth, traditional metal braces were the only option. People endured the pain and discomfort for months to years looking forward to the results. Today there are more choices available to those wishing to have a beautiful, straight smile. Six Months Smiles is a great alternative to traditional teeth straightening methods because it has all the benefits with less pain and discomfort, less time involved, and less money needed!

Call our office to discuss if Six Months Smiles would be a good fit for your dental needs. South Shore Dentistry can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile!